Testimonials and Experiences

Desiree has created such a beautiful space – I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and cared for every time.  I would recommend The Green Season experience to anyone who is looking for ways to heal and connect to themselves emotionally and spiritually.  Desiree is a fantastic guide and healer – especially in the scary parts of ourselves we don’t like looking at – you’re definitely in good hands!

I was curious to see what would come up in our sessions, I have seen a few healers, reikei and spiritual guides in my time but your honesty and authenticity at cutting through some of my beliefs about myself was refreshing and in many ways – a relief.
You made it a ‘safe space’ to be me and the practical advice and insights from our sessions since have stayed with me and (to use your language) reframed how I see myself and my perspective on others.
Life has become easier and lighter and I appreciate that more than I can express in a few words.  Thank you so much – if anyone is looking for genuine insight and healing on a spiritual level I can’t recommend Desiree highly enough.
NS, Melbourne

I started having sessions with Desiree unsure what they would involve, but open to whatever they did involve (a decade earlier I’d had a few years of therapy with a psychologist with success, I see Desiree’s sessions as complementing rather than replacing for those). Her sessions gently provoke different ways of viewing things, making me explore what lies underneath, and always leave me with practical steps to explore and consider. I’ve grown a great deal in the year I’ve been having sessions with her, feel more myself, and have grown my vulnerability and courage. I’ve never felt stronger.

What can I say.  Desiree is the real deal.  She saw patterns, people and stuff that blew me away…… and based on a friends recommendation I was expecting a lot.  Just go see her.

Healing with Desiree:
hat an experience!? Thank you Desiree for creating such a beautiful space where I had one of the most profound experiences yet. I still struggle to express in words what I experienced but I will try to explain the highlights of this incredible journey Desiree took me on (needless to say that the below does not do any justice to it).
I am absolutely amazed at all the topics that came up during the session and the feeling associated with it. A few of these topics are rather personal but I am happy to share one.  After recent discovery of neglecting my feminine side I thought I just need to give that part of me a lot more attention which for me meant I would start to neglect the masculine part of me in some way without me really noticing. However, Desiree helped me see that it is not about favouring one side over the other but to see them as equal parts of me that go hand-in-hand. Whilst for most people it may be clear that a balance is something one aims for for me it wasn’t. I believe that when Desiree used visualisation techniques where I could see both parts of me walking hand-in-hand through a fire and facing each other without any guilt and judgement, that’s when the penny dropped for me. I could see both parts as parts of me and as equal parts that need to co-exist and there is no need for one to overpower the other as both are important and are me.
The other point I want to share (whilst there are so many amazing things that happened) is the reason why I feel this has been the most profound experience yet.  I have had a number of healing experiences before and they have all been special in their own way and I am truly grateful for those. However, Desiree’s session not only confirmed prior healing experiences but did so on a different level. At some stage towards the end of the session Desiree said something to me (which I have heard in a similar way before but it never felt so real and true. I experienced such strong tingling sensation around my body while Desiree was talking about this topic and my physical experience was confirmation about this very thing I have been seeking and for me to understand that I am on the right path.
Desiree I cannot thank you enough for this truly amazing experience. It was such an incredible journey and I am excited to see how the next few months will turn out for me after that session.