Super Moon Season

The sensitive among you will have felt tossed about by life for the last couple of months... or even most of the year. Well, its about to kick up a gear.  Its Super Moon Season -   there's three coming in October, November and peaking in December. So what is a Super Moon? Technically it is when the moon is … Continue reading Super Moon Season


Imagined Touch | a deafblind live art experience

I recently attended an exhibition which was perspective shifting to say the least.  An insight into the strength and vulnerabilities of the deafblind. The deafblind population in Australia is approximately 300,000.  For these individuals, the primary form of communication is through signing into the hand – a tactile sign language known as haptics.   In Imagined Touch - … Continue reading Imagined Touch | a deafblind live art experience

Is 2016 the year pUsh comes to shOve?

We're only in week two and 2016 has not been gentle thus far. As well as personal loss and challenging shifts,  many have been touched across the globe with the departure of iconic artists who opened our minds, shifted our perceptions and left us with a catalogue of work that we now revisit and marvel at once again.   In the wake of … Continue reading Is 2016 the year pUsh comes to shOve?

Three Destructive Things school taught you

  The article below rings so true - I had the same experience...  but unlike its author Mark Manson - I didn't overcome these limiting beliefs until recently. For one of my final year English exams, the creative writing portion (which I usually exceeded at) was to write a story created from the sentence provided.  The sentence was something about discovering a box.  I … Continue reading Three Destructive Things school taught you