The week of Self

Hallo Gorgeous Green Season alumni, It is actually always the week of self,  but if you’re not aware, there’s something called The Grand Cross happening in the skies above us this week – bringing similar energy to the life changes experienced in October 2007.   It has the potential to turn chaotic energies into a personal healing revolution,  giving … Continue reading The week of Self


ADVICE /ad.vice (ædˈvaɪs) / an ​opinion that someone ​offers you about what you should do or how you should ​act in a ​particular ​situation…

Advice.  Information.  Guidance.  Counsel.  Assistance.  Subjective. When I’m working with clients I find it so easy to step back.  To hold space and help open the door to a room that holds issues that need healing,  but to also give them the respect and support to go into the room alone and clear out, manage and … Continue reading ADVICE /ad.vice (ædˈvaɪs) / an ​opinion that someone ​offers you about what you should do or how you should ​act in a ​particular ​situation…

Is 2016 the year pUsh comes to shOve?

We're only in week two and 2016 has not been gentle thus far. As well as personal loss and challenging shifts,  many have been touched across the globe with the departure of iconic artists who opened our minds, shifted our perceptions and left us with a catalogue of work that we now revisit and marvel at once again.   In the wake of … Continue reading Is 2016 the year pUsh comes to shOve?


Below is a powerful three generation round table discussion.   Jada Pinkett-Smith discusses her perception of her experiences having a mother as an addict during her childhood vs her mothers remorse about it...   Jada is focused on the positives and the things she values out of the experience,  while her mother contends that there must be some residual resentment.    She struggles with the concept … Continue reading Choices