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” For every season, there is a reason”
The Green Season’ is a time of  healing,  growth,  self-love and rejuvenation.

Seasons reflect a sense of purpose.  Green is symbolic not only of the heart chakra, but of growth, rejuvenation and contentment.   Based in Melbourne,  The Green Season is a space that offers coaching as well as metaphysical and intuitive healing.   Providing insights and tools for dealing with both health and emotional challenges.

There’s an energy and awareness spreading globally as many people search for help and guidance to find reason,  happiness and inner calm.  Many of us are feeling challenged and disconnected from ourselves, our health or other areas of our lives and are looking for ways to re-connect and heal.  My aim is that The Green Season will provide some insight and light for those searching.

Sharing skills and tools from my own healing journey and challenges,  The Green Season is about creating a space where you feel safe and nurtured.

75 minute sessions are available either one on one or via Skype.

Introductory Session:   $85

Follow up sessions:  $100

Three Session Pack:  $270


Green Gratitude Session:  Each month I offer one ‘Green Gratitude session’ free of charge.  Because magic happens when you’re grateful and you can’t beat an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.  This session is given with gratitude from my heart,  the place and chakra The Green Season originated from,  with the intent to help us both grow and make our hearts a little larger.  Your reasons may be as simple as not being sure if this is the right thing for you or as complicated as the financial challenges we all face at times.
If you or someone you care about would like to be considered for a Green Gratitude session,  please email me your details.
Both new and existing clients are welcome to apply at any time.

Additionally – if you would like to pay it forward and donate a ‘Green Gratitude’ session, please let me know at time of payment.

I welcome you all to this season of Green.  Growth.  Love.  Healing.  Heart.

For more information:
Call:  Désirée on 0435034088
Email: Desiree@thegreenseason.org

Wishing you love and wellness….

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