Supporting the LGBQTI Community

If you are a member of the LGBQTI Community and are feeling challenged or in need of healing/reikei/intuitive insight – I’m currently offering FREE Green Season healing sessions for those in need.

The recent Same-sex marriage plebiscite in Australia has given rise to a number of voices filled with hate and ignorance.   I have many friends and family members who are LGBQTI and my life has been immeasurably enriched, educated and filled with love and laughter because of them.  I would like to balance and cancel out the negative and hateful energy some are experiencing with love, compassion and support.  To show you all how valued you are by providing healing or just a safe space to process your emotions either before or after the results.

The Green Season is based in St Kilda but available for Phone or Skype sessions too – if you think it will help you or one of your friends in any way – please email: or get in touch on: 0435034088.


Much love and Yes to you all. 💚




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