Tidings between comfort and joy..


I was talking to a friend yesterday about keeping your world as open as possible.   That there is a space where your desire for comfort …can start to ruin your joy.   It’s great to know specifically what you like – but joy itself is not always easy for us humans and if you’re too specific with your tastes – you’re going to find yourself easily displeased when things don’t go your way.  Your selectiveness and lack of flexibility can also rob others around you of their joy as they try to please or mitigate your displeasure and discomfort.

So I was pondering if I personally miss out on enjoying life sometimes by being ‘too soft’ or picky.  A couple of instances sprang to mind…  like not sitting outside in the evening  unless there is copious repellent available.  It sounds small but sitting under the night sky truly is one of life’s joys and to miss it so often because of mosquito bite fear often causes me to feel ‘soft’.

THEN I remembered that actually I’ve camped in the Amazon, I’ve climbed mountains in Peru.  I’ve lived in four countries, started two businesses, shifted through several chronic illness, medical expenses and three redundancies largely on my own and with little financial help…  So no. I’m not soft.

But I will keep working to stay flexible, ponder the limitations my comfort levels impose and keep my options open…   Just because it will make my world a more joyful place to be.

Wishing you all joy and flexibility in 2017

Désirée 💚💚💚


#flexibility #LessPickyMoreJoy #thegreenseason


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