Is 2016 the year pUsh comes to shOve?

We’re only in week two and 2016 has not been gentle thus far.
As well as personal loss and challenging shifts,  many have been touched across the globe with the departure of iconic artists who opened our minds, shifted our perceptions and left us with a catalogue of work that we now revisit and marvel at once again.   In the wake of their leaving,  our hearts are being opened and the beauty they created re-lived.

We remember a time when we first heard that song,  or saw that film and we filter it through our own back catalogue.   I hear David Bowie’s songs echo through my childhood…  on the radio at breakfast,  in the car, on my parents record player…
Each track reminding me of how I used to be,   what I used to think… and what I used to wish for.
Once again I’m eight years old and entranced by a song that never seems to go away,  wondering at the sadness of a man called Major Tom who was floating in space all alone forever… and how the same man could sing about going to China and meeting a girl who put on red shoes and danced the blues.  What an amazing life he must have,  I marvelled.
I remember watching Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – and being confused that I liked ‘the baddie’.   I remember crying at his callous treatment of Emma Thompson in Love Actually and being delighted he found love in Sense and Sensibility.

…  And suddenly I remember all the possibilities,  the potential,   the future and the great expanse of time that was spread out before me when David Bowie songs were a backdrop to my life and Alan Rickman was getting Yippee Ki-Yaayed by Bruce Willis …  so very much time… to do..  discover… be.    Time to follow my dreams and achieve … well whatever I wanted.   And then I remember how much time has passed since then.   And I now wonder how much time I have left.    Am I wasting it?   Am I taking risks and doing the things I always dreamt of?   Well yes actually – I’ve begun.   But there’s a lot more room,  for a lot more pushing and shoving.

So if 2016 and personal experience, or the departure of David Bowie,  Alan Rickman or even Lemmy have left you pondering a change but you need a little further inspiration …this piece from Osric Chau hits hard in the feels …. worth watching all the way through… or even more than once.

– Osric Chau

“…… How do you chase your dreams,  expect to achieve them…   if you’re not even looking?

that thing you dream about..  the thing you always go back to when push comes to shove

There are no guarantees in life …. and you can fail at something you hate,

                                                                                                                 … why not fail at something you love


Wishing you much positive pushing and shoving in 2016…





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