Below is a powerful three generation round table discussion.   Jada Pinkett-Smith discusses her perception of her experiences having a mother as an addict during her childhood vs her mothers remorse about it…   Jada is focused on the positives and the things she values out of the experience,  while her mother contends that there must be some residual resentment.    She struggles with the concept that Jada could choose to retain only the good and let go of the hurt in a situation she perceives as irredeemable.

It’s a fascinating conversation.  And gives us an opportunity to review our own belief systems.   Beyond frustration with trying to find a clichéd silver lining – what value do you choose to take from challenging situations?

We all see people with ‘everything’ still unable to find their happy… and people with very little able to find joy.   Choosing your perception and finding value in challenging situations can take some unlearning of lessons and abandonment of old programming – but what better time than today to revaluate?    So…
What events in your life could you reframe?
Where could you find value while dropping the pain and resentment?
Why wouldn’t you choose to think about a situation differently if changing your thinking was going to be of greater benefit to you?

How you define things – defines you…  so choose wisely – and know its always a choice.

“What I look for is the power in all things. I look for the beauty in all things.” Jada Pinkett Smith 


Wishing you wise choices, love and happiness….




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