Use your time Wisely

They tell us…

Use your time wisely,
March quick to the beat of an ever present drum.
Move quickly. Now and seize the day,
Don’t waste it all in foolish play.

Use your time wisely,
As the days of your life grow ever shorter.
Do not let the grass grow under your feet,
Don’t let a single thing go unticked from your sheet.

But who is the master of this quickening fate?
Who decides what constitutes great?

What is the wisest use of your time?
Is it to be used – in the same way as mine?

Who has the yard… the measuring stick,
So we know what’s not time wasting – and what’s just for kicks?
Maybe today in the middle of it all..
You should stop.

And determine if it’s Your wisdom that’s determining the use of Your time.

time wasting
Wishing you love and wellness…. and time well spent.



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