Last night I shared my understanding of Healing and Ho’oponopono with the class.  My interpretation is based around Dr Hew Len’s teachings and also the work he has done with Joe Vitale in their Zero Limits programme.

Ho’oponopono is a simple Hawaiian prayer:

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you Hoponopono blog
This humble but amazing tool is really effective at healing frustration, hurt and negative energy you may be feeling with a situation or another person (even if they are no longer here to argue with).   On a larger level you can even use it to heal the planet.

It works on the idea of 100% responsibility.  As mentioned above, this responsibility can be taken to a very high level,  but to begin with its best to start with someone or a situation close to you who pushes your buttons…

The Premise
The way we experience situations is solely from our unique perspective… our thoughts, decisions and challenges are a product of our programming (input from our experiences thus far),  our character,  and eventually the correlation/way our brain puts these things together to derive an appropriate outcome.
We believe we have freewill – but freewill only exists within the paradigm of our ‘data’ (data being information gained by our experience of the world).  Our ‘data’ forms our perception whether a person, experience or situation is good/bad/aggravating/amazing/horrifying.
Often we may well believe that it is the behaviour of the person or the situation we’re annoyed with – but in reality it is our own feelings being reflected that are the source of anger and frustration.

To summarise:
–  A situation exists solely in and of itself.
–  Pre-programing (“data”) impacts our perception of a situation (or person).
–  Consequently that perception impacts and dictates our response and reaction.
–  Our response is then received energetically and reflected back (negatively or positively depending on our ‘data’).
–  We therefore have the opportunity to take 100% responsibility for our data and perception of the world… And change it!

To simplify – if you’re feeling charged by someone or something, and you don’t want to be angry or have the current feelings continue…  you must take full responsibility for the situation …. and for healing and changing it.

but how?!

So if it was difficult to accept the concept of 100% responsibility – the next part provides more fun and games….

Execution (of the prayer – not the person who is annoying you)
Choose the person challenging you and flesh out your feelings around the situation.   Start with the basic premise and then choose three or four items for each aspect of the prayer.  Write them out when you are alone and in a quiet reflective place and frame of mind.  Don’t blurt them out before you’ve framed and reviewed them to accurately reflect your thoughts and energy.
Also, the kicker with these is you must be honest.  If its inauthentic then you will know it – your energy will not be received genuinely – and the situation will not change.  You also cannot do sly blaming – 100% responsiblity doesn’t work that way, so saying ‘I’m sorry you’re an idiot’ – isn’t going to get you anywhere in terms of healing and resetting the energy …though it might be fun to mumble under your breath as you write down the following:

I love you
(for being my friend/lover/child/parent/boss/colleague/coach/hater/a living being on the planet).

I’m sorry
(for the negative energy between us/the arguments we have)
Look at the situation and think about things you’d like them to be sorry for – see if you can see anywhere that perhaps you need to apologise – even if its only because you believe you are 100% right and that leaves them nowhere to be but wrong.

Please forgive me
(for contributing to this energy/if I have made you feel as unhappy as I am in this situation etc)
Really work through your personal feelings and reflect it back because you wouldn’t want to have made someone else feel the way you do – well not if you want to heal the situation and yourself :)).

Thank you
(for being in my life, for helping me to grow and learn/for being my friend/family member/coach/boss etc.)
Really think about what you are honestly thankful for relative to the person or situation.   It may be that the only thing you are thankful for is that you are no longer in contact.  You can’t always jump to the silver linings of some situations, but there is always a learning from every experience – and finding it in this exercise will help bring you peace and healing so you can move on.

Ok, I’ve written it out – Now What??
So the act of sitting alone (or with someone else if it helps) and writing the above is a healing and energy reset by itself.  If the person or situation is not someone you can contact directly or you feel uncomfortable doing so,  you can keep the letter/email/journal entry and refer back to it as and when you are challenged by the situation.  You could also do a number of little releasing ceremonies from burning the note to sending it as a message in a bottle (though environmentally I wouldn’t recommend that one as our oceans are full of our rubbish as it is – something to use Ho’oponopono on later if you wish).
If you are able to send the message to the person you are challenged by – do so with care and kindness.  Remembering your desired outcome is for healing and for you to find peace.  This is not about the other person’s reaction – but your reset.  So long as it is sent with genuine intent and responsibility – how the prayer is received is the responsibility of the person receiving it.

At its core Ho’oponopono is about you.  Loving yourself, and healing when you are challenged.  Bringing yourself back to a place of peace will affect those around you and situations you encounter.  It will give you clarity and the opportunity to respond instead of reacting.

Once you have reset – even if you haven’t shared the prayer with the person you intend it for, you’ll find you show up differently around them…. and the aggravating factors have lessened somewhat.  As this leaves room for more compassion – you may find yourself treating them completely differently…  and they are responding differently in turn.  It’s a powerful energetic change that can truly turn some horrible situations around in ways you would never have expected.
Some situations require more praying, healing and work than others.  Emotions are complicated and made more so by western society not being the best at teaching us what to do with them.  Be gentle with yourself – and others.  Despite all appearances by some,  we’re all doing the best we can with the knowledge and programming/data we currently have.  Send some Ho’oponpono out into the world and let the erasing of the ‘data’ begin.

Final note – telling someone they have to learn Ho’oponopono is probably not going to get you very far.   Be the example of change you wish to see and let them come to you and ask if they wish to know more.

If you’d like to see an interview with Dr Hew Len who has used Ho’oponopono to do amazing things and takes 100% responsibility to the next level – check it out here: Dr Hew Len Interview

Wishing you love and wellness….


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 Dr Hew Len Interview


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