The Green Season – Why am I unhappy?

There’s an energy and awareness spreading globally as many people search for help and guidance to find purpose, happiness and inner calm.  Many of us are feeling challenged and disconnected from ourselves, our health or other areas of our lives and are looking for ways to re-connect and heal.  We keep asking ourselves –  ‘Why am I unhappy?

It’s a loaded question with many possible answers. How we begin healing and or even finding the source of what is making us unhappy can often be confusing and intimidating.   Along with planetary shifts causing energetic changes, in recent decades consumerism and advertising has become dominant in many cultures and changed how we view ourselves and our lives.  Previously goods were manufactured to fulfil needs and requirements.  As this evolved manufacturers and advertisers realised that in order to sell more products – you need to create a desire and a market for them.  There is a simple premise with a dark side – creation of want.  This process requires the consumer (us) to believe they are lacking or unhappy without the product in question. …. And thus dissatisfied.  Pervasive and invasive – try escaping advertising – it’s on walls, buses, billboards, phones, laptops, magazines, television, movies… surrounding us all day every day.   We are bombarded with information either directly telling us, or using extensively researched psychological techniques – that we are unhappy.   That we are not enough and we need to change and buy this product in order to feel fulfilled.

So we bought the products.  And then we bought some more.  And we went on diets, holidays, changed external things and yet – we are noticing that we’re still not happy.  We are feeling disconnected, and alone.  I have a theory that there are millions of people sat around the world in front of big screen TV’s, in their lovely homes, with their nice cars in the driveway thinking – I bought all this stuff, I did the things they said…  Why aren’t I happy??!!

So why aren’t we happy?  What does that mean to you?  What does it look like?  The recent consumerism movement is not the sole source of human discontent or the source of all evil – it’s an example of distraction and diversions that can disconnect us from finding deeper meaning and connection to ourselves and our purpose.  For some it might not be necessary to go deeper.  They may well be experiencing connection, contentment and happiness and that’s great …. but for those who are feeling lost, disconnected and alone there’s a lot you can do to shift into a different head space.

– Meditate – every day.  10 mins via a guided you tube video is perfect.  Notice and measure how you feel before and after.

– Lessen your exposure to tv, magazines and the news.  Yes – the news.   Did you know that you are in a theta state within seven minutes of watching television?  What that means is that within ten minutes everything you are watching is going straight to your unconsious mind which is unable to differentiate between documentaries, fiction, the input you receive in real life and what you view on a screen.  Its basically all dumped in your unconsious to be weeded out and sorted through into some sort of sense (hopefully) while you’re sleeping later.   So many people are aware that what they eat determines how their body performs, but not so many people consider that all the the information you put in your head has the same effect on your mind.  Just like food – it benefits you to be choosy about what information goes into your consciousness, because once it’s in there – its much more difficult to determine its effect on you.

–  Start noticing how things, places and people make you feel.  Your body is your best indicator of your emotional wellbeing.  Feeling sick to your stomach?  Anxious? Irritated?  Take a step back – is it really the traffic? Or is it because you left late and feel disorganised?  If it really is the traffic you deal with every day – consider moving or changing jobs.  If neither of those things are an option then work on acceptance of the situation.  You have made choices about where you live and work and the traffic is part of the cost/benefit ratio factors in that decision – your anger and frustration doesn’t serve you in any way, and it definitely won’t affect the traffic flow.

–  Do some research.  Google Wellbeing, happiness, calm and healing.  Notice your reactions to what comes up.  Head towards information you’re drawn to and follow the links, read articles, do an online course, watch a you tube video – you could find a new hobby and head space before you know it.

Wishing you love and wellness….


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