Welcome to The Green Season – your time to heal, grow, love and re-connect

For every season, there is a reason. The Green Season is a time of healing, growth, self-love, re-connection and rejuvenation.

Welcome to The Green Season – a time of healing, growth, self-love, and re-connection.  Why  ‘The Green Season’?  Green is about growth and rejuvenation.  The heart chakra is green, and self-love and acceptance are heart-based magic qualities that can transform your life and outlook.  Your sense of wellbeing, your physical health, your relationships and your life experience look dramatically different when viewed with love, compassion and inner calm.   I’m excited to share The Green Season as a space for all of these qualities to be nurtured and to thrive.

How we begin healing and or even finding the source of what is making us unhappy can often be confusing and intimidating.
There’s an energy and awareness spreading globally as many people search for help and guidance to find purpose, happiness and a sense of balance from within.  Many of us are feeling challenged and disconnected from ourselves, our health or other areas of our lives and are looking for ways to re-connect and heal.

My hope is that The Green Season will provide some insight and light for those searching.  With learnings from my own healing journey and challenges, I am looking forward to sharing the skills and tools I have learnt, and helping others find a place that enables and nurtures them.

I welcome you all to this season of Green. Growth. Love. Healing. Heart. Re-connection.

Wishing you love and wellness….


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